Elisabeth Pfeiler

Human Resources Partner

As a dedicated Human Resources Partner, Lisi is the first point of contact for applicants, clients and employees. She conducts interviews and always tries to find the ideal position for all applicants, and she’s highly skilled at coordinating discussions with our clients.

Part of her job involves active sourcing, where she identifies and speaks to talented people, and she’s an experienced contact person for people at the start of their career and for people looking to change jobs. Lisi also handles the daily routine of personnel management.

You might like to know

  • Proud mum of Laurenz
  • Part of the ASCO Engineering team since 2019
  • Have a weakness for Scandinavia and chocolate
  • In my spare time you’ll find me baking or hiking
  • Active musician and member of a music society

What’s my favourite thing about ASCO Engineering?

“At ASCO Engineering, I particularly appreciate the varied work we do with interesting people. I enjoy helping candidates progress along their career path and finding the perfect match. I also really appreciate my fantastic colleagues and our team spirit, and we have a flexible schedule which allows me to balance family and work.”