Katja Sattler

Graphic designer

In her role as a graphic designer at ASCO Engineering, Katja is the creative heartbeat of our company. She uses her artistic talent to design print products and promotional items, such as business cards, folders and roll-ups.

Katja also adds her personal touch to our communication by writing texts, creating images and graphics and overseeing the dynamic development of our social media channels. Her creativity makes a significant contribution to our consistent and attractive corporate image.

You might like to know

  • Graphic design is my passion
  • Conscientious and ambitious, with a certain tendency towards perfectionism
  • Like to learn new things and increase my expertise
  • Early riser, even on weekends
  • Hiking and weight training take my mind off everyday life
  • My dog Amy is my most loyal companion

What’s my favourite thing about ASCO Engineering?

“At ASCO Engineering, I particularly appreciate the excellent relationships we have with each other – from the very start it has felt like I’m part of the team. The option to work from home and to manage my time to suit me is particularly helpful and makes my everyday life much easier.”