What makes ASCO Engineering stand out from other recruitment agencies?

Part of a group of companies (provides security)Member of the “Österreichs Personaldienstleister” recruitment agency associationVery good Kununu ratingsTransparent, open communicationEvents for employeesManaging Director is a lecturer at the Austrian Economic Chamber (WKO) and Economic Promotion & Development Institute (WIFI)At ASCO Engineering you are part of an established group of companies, which gives you security. ASCO [...]

What makes ASCO Engineering stand out from other recruitment agencies?2023-06-30T19:33:07+02:00

How does ASCO Engineering stand out as a company and as a recruitment agency?

Key points Corporate cultureThe positive corporate culture at ASCO Engineering promotes team spirit, openness and appreciation, which increases motivation and commitment and creates a pleasant working atmosphere.Career opportunitiesAt ASCO Engineering, there are various potential career paths where employees can have a direct influence, carry out varied activities and pursue development opportunities in a friendly [...]

How does ASCO Engineering stand out as a company and as a recruitment agency?2023-06-30T19:29:44+02:00

What are the disadvantages of temporary assignment?

The Temporary Agency Work Act (Arbeitskräfteüberlassungsgesetz or AÜG) and the respective collective agreement regulations (for blue-collar workers the collective agreement for the supply of temporary workers, and for white-collar workers the collective agreement for white-collar workers in crafts, trades and services) ensure that temporary workers are not in a worse position than the third-party employer’s [...]

What are the disadvantages of temporary assignment?2023-06-30T19:24:49+02:00

What are the advantages of temporary assignment?

Opportunities to get started in the world of workTemporary assignment can often serve as a stepping stone to gain a foothold in certain industries or companies. Many companies rely on recruitment agencies to find and hire qualified candidates. In particular, temporary assignment is often a quick way for newcomers to the labour market or people [...]

What are the advantages of temporary assignment?2023-06-30T19:19:54+02:00

How does temporary assignment work?

This diagram shows the basic structure of temporary work and the legal relationship between the employer, the employee and the third-party employer: The transferor is the organisation that contractually obliges workers to perform work for third parties. That means the transferor is the employer of the employees, which is established with a valid [...]

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What is temporary assignment?

Temporary assignment (recruitment, personnel services) means that a recruitment agency (transferor) makes its staff (temporary workers) available to another (third-party) employer on the basis of a labour leasing contract. The temporary workers carry out their work for the third-party employer, but this employer does not become the employer for the temporary workers. In Austria, temporary [...]

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What is recruitment?

Recruitment is a range of services related to employment of personnel. This results in an extensive range of activities with the aim of recruiting and placing personnel. The work done by recruitment or employment agencies includes: Creating requirement profiles and job descriptions Placing job adverts Contacting and recruiting applicants Conducting interviews Placing employees in [...]

What is recruitment?2023-06-30T18:42:34+02:00
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