Lukas Stangl

Head of Sales Management and Recruiting

Lukas works in recruiting and sales at ASCO Engineering and manages the team at the Graz site. Before joining ASCO Engineering, Lukas had several years of experience as an engineer and completed various commercial and technical training courses.

He joined ASCO Engineering in May 2021 and has been a valued part of our team ever since.

You might like to know

  • I’m always determined and motivated
  • An empathetic listener
  • Team-oriented and always up for having fun
  • Always in a good mood in the morning
  • A globetrotter
  • Enjoy playing various sports
  • Love cooking and food

What’s my favourite thing about ASCO Engineering?

“ASCO Engineering allowed me to grow professionally and personally. From the beginning, I had the perfect opportunity to play to my strengths and make the most of my potential. The unique and diverse team at ASCO Engineering has a wide range of experience and knowledge, which enriches us all – we can benefit and learn from each other. I’m so grateful and proud to be part of this team.”